Get a Birth Control prescription anytime and anywhere for as little as $9 per month!

Available in FL with other states coming soon.

It’s so simple!

  • Download the eVisit app (smartphones and tablets) or connect on our website (laptop or computer)
  • Answer a few questions, enter your information and talk to a birth control expert. 
  • The entire process will take less than 15 minutes.

Get birth control anytime and anywhere!

  • No wait time!  You can video chat with our birth control expert using your smartphone or laptop.
  • Pick up your birth control at your favorite pharmacy.

Several payment options to choose from!

  • 3 month prescription- $50 ($16.17 / month)
  • 6 month prescription - $75 ($12.50 / month)
  • 12 month prescription - $100 ($8.33 / month)

Your Safety and Security are our priority.

Your health and data security is important.  Birth Control on Demand and eVisit are HIPAA compliant. eVisit encrypts every transaction and conversation that you have with us. We guarantee that your appointment is private. None of our interactions are recorded or stored.  


Answer Health Questions

Complete our health quiz to make sure that birth control is safe for you.


Have a Video Visit with Our Birth Control Expert

Our board certified physicians and nurse practitioners will answer your birth control questions and prescribe the best and safest birth control for you. Make sure your volume is turned up and your webcam is working properly.

Pay Visit Fee

You will be charged after your birth control prescription is sent to your pharmacy.

Pick up Your RX at your Local Pharmacy

We will send your prescription to your pharmacy electronically. Your insurance will be billed for the cost of the medicine or you can choose to pay for the medicine at the pharmacy.